Extract mp3 from Youtube in one step

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Small utility utube2mp3 makes it possible to download mp3 from youtube in one easy step — just point it to certain youtube clip and get mp3 file as the output. I like this simple and elegant tool.

In order to get started you have to download utube2mp3 binary, make it executable and create Desktop shortcut. Open Ubuntu Menu –> Accessories –> Terminal and type the following commands:

cd ~/Downloads/
wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/utube2mp3/files/utube2mp3_0.1.2/utube2mp3_linux_x86.tar.gz/download
tar -xvzf utube2mp3_linux_x86.tar.gz
chmod +x utube2mp3
ln -s ~/Downloads/utube2mp3 ~/Desktop/utube2mp3

From now you can start utube2mp3 youtube conversion utility from your Ubuntu Desktop. Just copy/paste URL of youtube video you wish to get mp3 from, e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9TGj2jrJk8 (Led Zeppelin — Stairway to Heaven) and press “Get mp3!” button. You will be prompted where to save resulting mp3 file to be retrieved from certain youtube video and in a few minutes you will see .mp3 file there.


Ucoz — Free Website Maker

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It was long time ago when I decided to make my first website and looked for free website builder for it. That site was plain html without any content management system or php/java code so I needed just web hosting storage to make it available to public. Well, a lot changed since then and it’s pleasure to see that there are myriads of platforms offering to host your website free of charge. One of such free website makers is ucoz.com. Literally in a few clicks you can create well designed website, publish content there and make it available to Internet public. You even don’t need to buy a domain name — having registered at ucoz.com you’ll get free third level domain name like yourname.ucoz.com.


Now a few words about benefits of ucoz.com in comparison with other similar services. First of all ucoz.com free website maker provides unlimited storage and bandwidth. It makes sense to notice that from early beginning you get only 400 MB of disk space and then it increases as long as you keep on using ucoz.com. They also offer various design templates to make your website unique, numerous widgets and plugin as well as data backup. Finally, as for now there are about 1 million users around the globe who are using ucoz to create and host their websites for free.

Ucoz makes it possible not only make your own website for free but also provides numerous commercial services once your web project grows and requires something more than classic web storage. Wide range of additional services like e-shop platform, file catalogs, news plugins, forums will allow you to convert your initally tiny website into full featured one.

Move Gnome Window Controls Right

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This is a quick tip showing how to move window controls in your Ubuntu from left to right… Just execute the following command in Terminal to change controls position:

gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout "menu:minimize,maximize,close"

windows controls right

If you ever decide to revert to default window controls position (left) type the following command:

gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout "close,maximize,minimize:menu"

default window controls

Set Rate Limit for apt-get/aptitude

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Looking for equivalent of wget’s –limit-rate option for apt-get/aptitude? No problems, see below how to set download speed limit to either apt-get or aptitude. Rather bearded Ubuntu hint but still handy if you don’t have 100 Mbps Internet connection (I don’t).

aptitude -o Acquire::http::Dl-limit=25 safe-upgrade

Above command starts upgrade of your Ubuntu and makes aptitude to download new packages at up to 25 kB/s (kilobytes per second) that equals to 200 kbps (kilobit per second).

Mentioned command line option for aptitude also work for apt-get:

sudo apt-get -o Acquire::http::Dl-limit=25k upgrade

Moreover, if you wish to set up certain download limit permanently just add the following line to /etc/apt/apt.conf:

Acquire::http::Dl-Limit "25";

(don’t forget to change 25 value according to your needs)

Hope it helps somebody!

Ctrl + Alt + Del = Gnome System Monitor

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Process ViewerUbuntu newbie? Wondering where is something like Windows XP task manager in Ubuntu? See below how to assign Ctrl + Alt + Del keyboard combination for Gnome System Monitor! It makes it possible to see list of running processes, cpu/memory utilization and related stuff by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del.

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Change grub boot order: Ubuntu way

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Grub is default boot loader coming with Ubuntu. It shows a list of available kernels and operating systems installed on your computer when it boots — grub also makes it possible to select kernel/OS you wish to boot into. Tool named startupmanager tool available in Ubuntu repository allows you to change grub boot order easily and also configure related grub settings without editing any text files.

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25+ Ubuntu GDM Themes

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ubuntu gdm themesYou can find literally hundreds GDM/Logon themes around the web if you type “gdm themes ubuntu” in Google. At the same time I’ve organized links to the most interesting Ubuntu GDM themes in this multi-page post so you are welcome to navigate between its pages using links above. If you wish to share something here — just contact me via e-mail and your theme will appear here shortly.

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general-files.com — File Search Engine

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general-files.comThere is lots of files available on the web which could be useful for those who need them but sometimes those files aren’t properly indexed… Have you ever face the situation when you try to file workable link to some e-book and look through dozens of forums provided by search engine but all links to file found there are 404? Yeah, sometimes it happens than search engines provide results based on surrounding text but doesn’t care about availability of file you’ve been searching. So in this case you may try www.general-files.com: file search engine that index files and makes it possible to find them easier.

As for today there about about 460 billing of indexed files and growing including ebooks, video, graphics, fonts, images and others. One of the most appreciated tools provided by general-files.com is tool named Alerts. In a few words if you’re looking for certain file but cannot find in the database (it’s not there, it happens) you can create an alert to make general-files.com to notify you as soon as the file that matches your searching criterias is found. Who knows how much time it can help you to save so you’re welcome to try it out, that is totally free feature. One more thing. Website’s creators claim that general-files.com is a part of General World network (in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act) that is the policy to respond to copyright infringements and to take necessary actions to protect intellectual property laws.

Besides www.general-files.com file search engine we also recommend other sites of the same family: general-catalog.com — unique free file directory for browsing through categorized content and generaldownloader.com that is free rapidshare download manager (other filehosting services are supported too, like hotfile.com, depositfiles.com and so on).

Ubuntu Command Line Tricks (set #4)

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This post continues series of Ubuntu Command Line Tricks posts in which I share useful CLI commands — as it comes from names “terminal command”, “console command” are to be executed in Terminal: Ubuntu Main Menu –> Accessories –> Terminal.

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Communicate Skype and Facebook using Pidgin

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pidgin logoPidgin is multi-platform and multi-protocol chat client software that makes it possible to keep all contacts in one place and talk to GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ etc. buddies using one application. Honestly speaking I found it literally the best application for my IM communication purposes and my choice was just double-confirmed as now Pidgin allows to add also Skype and Facebook contacts and communicate with them! See below how to enable this under Ubuntu (no matter Lucid or Maverick).

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